Pedestrian Accidents


Last year, 35,200 people were killed in traffic — a 7.7 percent increase over 2014 and the worst death toll since 2008. The number of people killed while walking or biking is rising even faster.

pedestrian accidents

Last year pedestrian and cyclist deaths increased more than overall traffic deaths. Graph: NHTSA

Pedestrian deaths shot up 10 percent last year and bicyclist deaths 13 percent — more than other types of victims, according to NHTSA. The agency did not break down these categories by number. People walking or biking have accounted for a growing share of total traffic deaths since 2007, and there is little agreement about the underlying causes. In addition to the usual rush to blame victims by invoking “distracted walking,” theories include increases in biking and walking overall, driver distraction, and low gas prices promoting more “marginal” drivers like teenagers, who are more crash prone. (The NHTSA report says crashes involving young drivers — ages 15 to 20 — increased 10 percent in 2015.)

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Unfortunately, new studies show that drivers are more distracted than ever before – mainly attributable to using new technologies while traveling. The use of cell phones, headphones, social media, and mobile devices are creating extremely dangerous conditions for other cars as well as pedestrians.

Pedestrian injuries are commonly severe. Spine injuries, head and neck injuries, paralysis, and broken bones, occur frequently when pedestrians are struck by vehicles.

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